Dane Pollock, M.D.

As the title suggests, I'm a doctor. I'm 27 years old and just finished my residency in Boston. I moved to Asher just recently with my fiance.

About Dane.

(His birthday was wrong in the original application. I changed it. Oops.)

Dane was born as Dane Isaac Beaudde on August 1st, 1984 in Salem, New Hampshire to Anne-Marie and Justin Beaudde. His mother had recently had a shotgun wedding with his father only three months prior, neither one of them wanting their child to feel the prejudice of some people who believed having children out of wedlock to be intolerable. However, it quickly became clear that the issue wasn’t the pressure Dane might possibly feel in the future but of the current pressure Justin was feeling. Unable to deal with such a quick marriage and the raising of an infant, Justin filed for an annulment on the untruthful grounds that Anne-Marie was not only mentally unstable but had forced him into the marriage. Once the marriage was nullified, Justin took off, never to be seen again.

Dane was then raised by his single mother, the two of them always very close, despite their frequent albeit minor disagreements about Dane’s organization OCD. Besides that, the two were as close as mother and son could get, and everything he did was done to make her proud. Living a fairly normal life , he passed all his classes with flying colors and graduated second in his class in high school where he then attended Tufts University and graduated in the top 5% of his class. At 22, he had just gotten accepted into medical school and was celebrating with his mother when she finally brought up the one topic he’d been hoping to avoid since he was 15 – why he never had a girlfriend.

Ever since his fifteenth year, Dane had been trying to convince himself that he was not gay. His mother was a Catholic conservative with strict opinions against homosexuality, and the last thing Dane had ever wanted to do was break his mother’s heart. Throughout high school and college, Dane had sparingly dated a few women, not only to put on a show for his mother, but to further bury himself in denial. However, once his medical school started, Dane knew he had to kick it up a notch if he wanted to continue to make his mother happy. It was in medical school that he met Michelle. They dated until their graduation at which time Dane finally proposed, thrilling both her and his mother. Though Dane knew he loved Michelle, he also knew he wasn’t IN love with her.

Only one month before Dane and Michelle finished their medical residencies in Boston, Dane’s mother died suddenly of a heart attack. Grief-stricken and mourning, Dane legally changed his last name to his mother’s maiden name, Pollock. And when Dane was offered a job as a doctor in Asher, he knew that it was his opportunity to break away, admit the truth to himself, and call off his engagement to Michelle. However, still steeped in denial and too nervous to break the heart of his mother’s memory, Dane kept up his straight facade and his happy engagement and moved to Asher to fulfill the new doctor position.

  • Character’s Personality:

Dane is neither an optimist nor a pessimist and falls quite categorically under the definition of a realist. Unhindered by what is politically correct or considerably appropriate to say at the time, Dane almost always takes the truthfully blunt and often times, tactless approach. He finds no need to sugar coat or conceal anything, believing that truth can be the only reliable thing in this world. It is with this ability to be unable to lie that got him in the most trouble in school when he was younger. For example, when other children in school had found it necessary to pick on him, Dane was all too truthful on revealing to the principals and guidance counselors that not only had he punched the other kids square in the nose but that they also deserved every single ounce of pain they received. Ironically, despite the fact that Dane prefers the truth, he has been keeping the largest secret of all about his sexuality.

Also, despite having a job that requires organization, Dane is anything but. From his appearance, to his late school work, to his living environment, to his doctor duties, if anything is not disorganized, it’s a shock. This quirk of his came about as an attempt to rebel against his mother’s obsessive tidiness as a child and has stuck with him ever since. Truthfully, Dane has developed his own obsessive tendency in having to have everything unorganized—he simply functions better and likes it more than everything being organized. Otherwise, he feels too confined and rigid.

Overall, Dane is extremely intelligent although quite frequently, does lack some common sense even though he always means well. He is also very kind, helpful, and eager to please, willing to do anything to help those he loves and cares about. He is quite persistent, stubborn, and brave as well and will do everything and anything to keep his loved ones safe and happy. In this regard, he can sometimes be a pushover. He is also very gentle and soft-spoken.

  • List of character’s turn-on’s and turn-off’s:

Turn-on’s: Dirty talk, biting, both dominating and occasionally being dominated, sex in risky places, men.

Turn-off’s: Blood, sadism, women.